If you live locally and like the direction CHSAA is taking, you are invited to get in on the action by becoming a volunteer. You can choose how active you want to be and what projects interest you – we’ve very flexible!

  • History Project: Tom ‘65 and Vickee Duncan can use volunteers on Tuesday mornings from 9 am to noon. Duties include cataloging museum items, logging donors, writing thank you notes to donors and helping decide what to display. An added bonus: you get to look at, read, and enjoy the many items already part of the museum + get a preview of new donations. Vickee and Tom provide ample instructions and training and are always available to answer questions. You can tailor your volunteer hours to suit your schedule. To join this group, contact Tom and Vickee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 909-518-0914 (Tom cell) or 909-985-3451 (home).
  • Special Events Committee: Cindy Martinez Beck ’76 and Vickee Duncan organize special events on campus such as the twice-yearly faculty appreciation breakfast and Tiger of the Year reception. They also respond to one-time requests from the principal or counseling staff (an example is support for this year’s College Application Program or CAP). Most events involve refreshments, so duties include setting up and breaking down tables, setting out and keeping food and drink replenished. May also include shopping for supplies like paper plates and cups (all expenditures are reimbursed). Time commitment varies for each event. The benefit: being on campus again, perhaps seeing buildings you haven’t been in for decades. To join this group, contact Cindy Beck at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 909-538-5700 (cell).
  • Scholarship Selection Committee: This committee is active once a year in the spring – usually March. Working with committee chair Bob Gray ‘63, the CHS counseling staff issues the call for applications. Committee members review the applications and select finalists, then convene for a several-hour meeting to interview the finalists and select the winners. Total time commitment is about 5-6 hours, spread over several days. The payoff: you get to know what CHS students are like today, which is pretty amazing, and know that you’ve helped make post-secondary schooling possible for up to five students. To join this group, contact Bob Gray at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 909-984-6882 (home).

We’ll keep posting opportunities for volunteers as they become available.

Chaffey's Lawrence Castaneda (#22) delivers a pitch against Katella during the third inning of Saturday's CIF Southern Section Division 5 baseball championship game at UC Riverside Baseball Complex in Riverside, Ca., Saturday, June 3, 2017.  (Photo by John Valenzuela/SCNG)
Chaffey's Lawrence Castaneda (#22) delivers a pitch against Katella during the third inning of Saturday's CIF Southern Section Division 5 baseball championship game at UC Riverside Baseball Complex in Riverside, California, Saturday, June 3, 2017. 

From the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, June 1, 2017 & June 3, 2017

The last time the Chaffey High School baseball team won a CIF Southern Section title not only were none of the current players born, their parents likely weren’t born either. The year? The Tigers finished off a three-year title run in 1958. A close-knit, loose bunch of players are trying to change all that. The Tigers (20-5-1) squared off against Anaheim’s Katella (24-6) on June 2, 2017 at UC Riverside with the Division 5 championship at stake.

This for a school not necessarily known for its athletic accomplishments in recent years. But as the team got close to securing its first Mt. Baldy League league title since 1995, people began to notice. “I would get physical education teachers talking to me about the team and taking an interest because they are closer to the athletic teams,” coach Max Pinedo said. “When you get English teachers and science teachers talking about the team, then you know you’re a big deal.”

Gardiner W. Spring Auditorium is closing in May 2017 for renovation and modernization enabled by funds from Measure P bonds. The auditorium will be closed for two years, until the fall of 2019. Modernization includes installation of air conditioning, accessibility upgrades, stair towers and two elevators (one in the foyer for the balcony and one at the back of the auditorium for classrooms. Structural improvements include earthquake retrofit and buttress reinforcement for the balcony. The ceiling of the auditorium will completely removed, abated for asbestos and repainted in a complete restoration of the murals. also be restored. Classrooms within GWS were modernized in 2015.

Two groups are particularly affected by the closing of GWS: the CHS Theater Arts Department and the Ontario Chaffey Community Show Band. Both are looking for alternative venues.

Measure P, passed in 2012 by voters, authorized $848 million in general obligation bonds to be used for all campuses in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District. Specifically, the funds were to be spent in several areas:

  • On classrooms and buildings for renovation, expansion and upgrade.
  • For campus security, including earthquake retrofitting and upgrading instructional technology
  • Campus telecommunications and classroom technology
  • Upgrading libraries and
  • Other health and safety upgrades.

Because CHS is the oldest campus in the district, it is receiving a larger portion of Measure P funds than other campuses. That’s part of the reason why CHSAA invested $20,000 in 2012 towards passage of Measure P.

2016 and 2017 activities

The first Measure P activities were inside classrooms and the interior of buildings, so not visible unless you were actually on campus. Next came installation of solar panel structure in student parking lot; pool modernization; cafeteria lights; Varsity and JV softball fields upgrade; and new HVAC plant (new building and equipment) to the south of GWS Auditorium.

Here are changes on campus through March 2017:

  • Math Science building. Located on the south side of campus along 4th Street where the parking lot used to be, it is a 3-story classroom building. Currently under construction, it is scheduled to open in August 2017.
  • GWS Auditorium: GWS closes at the end of this school year for two years (until Fall 2019) for modernization, including air conditioning, accessibility upgrades, stair towers and elevator. Classrooms within GWS were modernized in 2015.
  • Tower Hall courtyard: The outdoor courtyard in Tower Hall has been completely remodeled and now includes shade structures, tables and benches and landscaping. It is a beautiful outdoor location to enjoy lunch or a respite from the day’s activities.
  • Security fencing: CHS is now a closed campus with security fencing running parallel to Euclid Avenue, 4th Street and 5th Street. This was necessary for student protection and also because the open campus attracted unwanted use after school and on weekends, particularly by skateboarders. Monument sign was also installed as part of the fencing project.

from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, February 5, 2017

The Chaffey High School 2017 Academic Decathlon team placed 11th in Division 1 at State Finals held March 23-26, 2017 in Sacramento. CHS had previously won an unprecedented sixth consecutive first place at the San Bernardino County competition in February 2017. The Rancho Cucamonga team, which practices with CHS, took second placed for the county, thereby also qualifying for state finals.

The team is coached by Steve Mercado, Patty Gulino, Tom James and Erin Banis. As it has in the four previous years, CHSAA donated $3000 toward team expenses for the Sacramento competition. (CHSAA had previously donated $1500 for team sweaters.) In previous year’s state competitions, Chaffey placed 13th  (2016); 6th (2014), 7th (2013), 8th (2010), 9th (2009), 17th (2010) and 20th (2011).

This year marked the 34th annual decathlon, which took place over two Saturdays starting on January 28, 2017. Students put their wits to the test in 10 academic events, including written tests in math, economics, music, art, language/literature, science and social sciences. The competition also required students to write an essay, take part in an interview panel and give impromptu and prepared speeches, according to a news release. This year’s Super Quiz, a college bowl-style round, featured 36 multiple choice questions on World War II.

Each team is made up of nine students representing three grade point categories “A” (Honors), “B” (Scholastic) and “C” (Varsity). Students compete for individual and team awards. Saturday’s Super Quiz brought out supporters and community leaders, some of whom recited questions. Among the group was Ted Alejandre, San Bernardino County’s superintendent of schools, who not only cheered each participating team on, but happily posed for photos with competitors as scores were being tabulated.

“It’s our goal when we do student events to invite all the schools in the county, and we get them throughout the west end, the east valley and the high desert to participate in these events,” he said. “Students like to learn. They really like the information that their teachers are providing them, and for them to celebrate that knowledge through a competition like this validates their learning.”

A heavy rainstorm in late February did some damage to the CHS campus. Flooding occurred on Friday, February 24, 2017 in Gardiner W. Spring Auditorium, the cafeteria and the South Quad area. On Saturday the rain-soaked ground caused two large oak trees to fall. On the advice of an arborist, the trees were cut and removed, and the rest of the trees on campus were assessed.

Fallen oak tree between the library and GWS Auditorium.


Oak tree being cut prior to removal from campus.

The Tygur Blud band, performed at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in February 2017 after an Ontario Fury soccer game. The band will play its second fundraising concert for CHS students on April 20, 2017 in Gardiner W. Spring Auditorium. Tygur Blud band members include Principal Matamala, lead vocals; Academic Decathlon coach Steve Mercado, lead guitar; Choral/vocal music teacher John Lewis, Jason Strickland, Mario Corona, Brock McCorkle and Craig Sawyer.

Tygur Blud in concert at GWS Auditorium in April 2016, its first fundraiser for CHS students.

Chaffey High School has a new principal. Dr. George Matamala, currently the Vice Principal of Discipline, has been named the successor to current principal Dawn Buboltz who is retiring at the end of the 2014-15 academic year. Dawn has been principal since 2012.

Dr. Matamala has previously worked within the Chaffey District and for the past year has been part of the CHS administration team, serving as Assistant Principal of Discipline. He is “shadowing” Dawn to learn all he can from her before she retires.

CHS has a program called "Backpacks for Hungry Students" that provides food over the weekend for needy students (many of whom are homeless). The program needs donations of food and/or money to purchase food. This program is supported by our Chaffey Kiwins Club.(Note: Kiwins is an on-campus service club sponsored by the Ontario Kiwanis Club.)
These backpacks are provided to needy students on Friday afternoon in order for them to have nutritional and filling food over the weekend. The backpacks are then dropped back off on Monday morning to be refilled for the following weekend. They currently do 20 to 25 backpacks per week. Unfortunately the need is growing for more backpacks so that all needy students may be accommodated.
The following list is what goes into each backpack.
1 Dinner Item (Hamburger/Tuna Helper, Spaghetti)
1 Breakfast Item (Cereal, Oatmeal Packets, Pop tarts)
2 Canned Veggies and a Dry Veggie (rice, mashed potatoes, etc)
1 Canned Fruit
1 Canned Beans and/or Soup
1 Macaroni and Cheese
1 either Top Ramen or Cup of Soup
3 Snack Items (granola bars, crackers, popcorn, etc)
It is best if cans have pull top openers and that items not need to be cooked. Hot water is usually available but cooking facilities may not be available since students and their families may be living in motel rooms. Money donated to the program is used to backfill items that get used quickly. You can also donate grocery store gift cards so that families can buy perishable items such as milk and meat. 
If you can donate any of these items it would help our Kiwins to keep their project helping needy students keep their nutrition up so they can better study over the weekend and be more prepared for classes on Monday mornings.
Monetary donations can be made to the Chaffey High School Alumni Assn. marked for the Backpack program, and sent to: CHSAA, 1245 North Euclid Avenue, Ontario, CA 91762.
To donate food or gift cards directly to the program coordinators:
  • Take any donation to the North Hall administration building and leave at the switchboard or principal’s office, marked for Backpacks for Hungry Students. The coordinators will be notified and will come pick up the donation.
  • You can also contact Leslie Jensen (909-456-5917) to pick up a specific time to meet on campus and provide your donation.
In addition to the backpack program there is a program called "Eileen's H.O.P.E. Closet". This program collects clothing, shoes and backpacks for students in need of school clothing. They also collect formal and semi-formal clothing for students to select from for Prom. If you would like to keep informed about these programs go to http://facebook.com/chaffeyoutreach. Contact Leslie Jensen at (909) 456-5917 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..