CHS has a program called "Backpacks for Hungry Students" that provides food over the weekend for needy students (many of whom are homeless). The program needs donations of food and/or money to purchase food. This program is supported by our Chaffey Kiwins Club.(Note: Kiwins is an on-campus service club sponsored by the Ontario Kiwanis Club.)
These backpacks are provided to needy students on Friday afternoon in order for them to have nutritional and filling food over the weekend. The backpacks are then dropped back off on Monday morning to be refilled for the following weekend. They currently do 20 to 25 backpacks per week. Unfortunately the need is growing for more backpacks so that all needy students may be accommodated.
The following list is what goes into each backpack.
1 Dinner Item (Hamburger/Tuna Helper, Spaghetti)
1 Breakfast Item (Cereal, Oatmeal Packets, Pop tarts)
2 Canned Veggies and a Dry Veggie (rice, mashed potatoes, etc)
1 Canned Fruit
1 Canned Beans and/or Soup
1 Macaroni and Cheese
1 either Top Ramen or Cup of Soup
3 Snack Items (granola bars, crackers, popcorn, etc)
It is best if cans have pull top openers and that items not need to be cooked. Hot water is usually available but cooking facilities may not be available since students and their families may be living in motel rooms. Money donated to the program is used to backfill items that get used quickly. You can also donate grocery store gift cards so that families can buy perishable items such as milk and meat. 
If you can donate any of these items it would help our Kiwins to keep their project helping needy students keep their nutrition up so they can better study over the weekend and be more prepared for classes on Monday mornings.
Monetary donations can be made to the Chaffey High School Alumni Assn. marked for the Backpack program, and sent to: CHSAA, 1245 North Euclid Avenue, Ontario, CA 91762.
To donate food or gift cards directly to the program coordinators:
  • Take any donation to the North Hall administration building and leave at the switchboard or principal’s office, marked for Backpacks for Hungry Students. The coordinators will be notified and will come pick up the donation.
  • You can also contact Leslie Jensen (909-456-5917) to pick up a specific time to meet on campus and provide your donation.
In addition to the backpack program there is a program called "Eileen's H.O.P.E. Closet". This program collects clothing, shoes and backpacks for students in need of school clothing. They also collect formal and semi-formal clothing for students to select from for Prom. If you would like to keep informed about these programs go to Contact Leslie Jensen at (909) 456-5917 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..