Submitted by Betty Gage Nehrig ‘38
In June of 1938; 75 years ago; we graduated from high school. We have had many great times together. In 2008 we had our last reunion, our 70-year. We are all in our early 90s. It would have been nice to celebrate our 75-year reunion in June 2013 but the ranks have decreased.
Following are a number of classmates I still talk to by telephone or see or know about.
Evelyn Appel Dashiell (we have lunch on occasion); Albert Barnhold; Natalie Barton Winterbottom; John Baumann; Dolores Beck Harp (going to Hawaii for October birthday); Ed Berryman (Alumni Association president); Harold Cochran; Ray Corn; Randall Eastlack; Betty Gage Nehrig (plays 9 holes of golf most Tuesdays); Ella Greenwood McElney; Donald Henry; Melvin Leo; Emma Middleswart Ruebsamen; Mary Ellen Myers Lawhead; Kathleen Patrick Bremner; Martha Peters Nielsen; Dean Raftery; Kay Taylor Pugh; Helen Riley Utman; Arthur Skillman (he visits me most weekends); Charles Smiderly; Louise Thomas Carlson; Chiyoko Yamaguchi Nishimori.
That’s quite a group! I’m sure there are others; but I don’t hear from them.
At our age; because of health problems; driving and distance; it’s hard to get together. I go through the list of our classmates and think of the special and fun times we had in the past. Happy memories!
The Class of 1938 was a great group – 352 of us and I’m so happy to have been a part of it.
Betty Gage Nehrig ‘38