CHS Principal Christina Martinez with Anthony Munoz 76 football camp 2018

Introducing Christina Martinez – New CHS Principal

CHS has a new principal — its 18th in the school’s 107-year history and the third woman in the position. Before being named principal, Christina Martinez served CHS first as assistant principal of achievement, and most recently as assistant principal of instruction. She was named principal in June 2018. Christina replaces Dr. George Matamala, who served from 2015 to 2018. George stepped down in June for personal reasons and is now vice-principal of Valley View High School.

Previous principals of CHS include Jefferson Taylor, who served from 1901, when the City of Ontario formed a school district to establish Ontario High School as the successor to the defunct Chaffey College of Agriculture, to 1911 when Ontario HS was renamed Chaffey HS to accommodate the wishes of Upland students who were scheduled to begin attending.

Merton E. Hill served from 1911-1931 as both CHS principal and superintendent of the Chaffey Union High School District. Merton E. Hill Auditorium in Tower Hall is named in his honor.

Gardiner W. Spring served from 1931 to 1931 before being named superintendent of the Chaffey Union High School District. He oversaw reconstruction of CHS campus buildings following the 1932 Long Beach earthquake. The main auditorium on campus is named in his honor.

Ernest W. Fischer is the longest-serving principal (1932-1950). He was followed by Ernest A. Payne (1950-1967), a 1922 graduate of CHS and 1985 CHSAA Tiger of the Year. Payne Field for baseball and soccer are named in his honor.

Cleo D. Martin served from 1967-1972 and was followed by Dr. Fred C. Adams (1972-1984. Dr. Adams founded CHSAA in 1974. Other principals include Dr. David O. Stine (1984-1988); Karen B. Dunn (1988-1990), the first female principal; Dr. Barry W. Cadwallader (1990-1993) who left CHS to become superintendent of CHJUSD; Dr. Glen C. England (1993-199a7); Jim Brodie (1997-2001; Dennis O’Connell (2001-2005); Dr. Tim Ward (2005-2009); Thomas O. Mitchell (2009-2012); Dawn Buboltz (2012-2015), and Dr George Matamala (2015-2018).