Replace Your Fasti

Lost Your Fasti? CHSAA May Have One Available

CHSAA has a library of Fastis for every class year beginning with 1911. (We even have a few from earlier than that in The History Project room.) Besides our historical collection, we have some additional copies that were surplus from the year issued, or donated by alumni families. Both surplus and donated Fastis are available for purchase.

The requested donation is $40 per book, which includes shipping. If we have a new Fasti, we’ll provide it. Otherwise we’ll look for one with the least amount of writing inside.

To make a purchase, use the drop-down menu to search for the year you want. Select how many copies you’re like, and click the “Add to Cart” button. Then you can either keep shopping or click the image of the shopping cart at the top of the page to check out.

If we don’t have the year you are interested in, you can try or eBay (though both are more expensive than CHSAA).